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11 Steps to Business Survival

Responding to the Covid-19 Crisis

  1. Communicate – every day!

  2. Be positive – people gravitate to positive people

  3. Know the cycles – we will move from this ‘Winter’ top a new ‘Spring’. Be prepared

  4. Change – don’t wait! You need to act, now

  5. Cut back – cash is king

  6. Extend credit

  7. Staffing changes – consider flexible work, reduce hours, extended vacations

  8. Plan and test working from home – know what tech, people, process changes are needed and get help implementing them

  9. Online of delivery – regardless of your industry, pivot to online customer service

  10. Market and sell – now is not the time to stop marketing yourself. Customers need to know you are there to help them

  11. Repeat business – profit comes from existing customers. Make sure they truly feel ‘loved'!

Chris Whelan is an organisational change leader, business coach and public speaker.

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