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About Know This

In times such as this, reasonable opinion and reliable information is essential.


historic corner was abruptly turned in pandemic year 2020. Many began to seek hopeful pathways to a better future, a future that's promising to be challenging, unpredictable and chock-full of opportunities.

The simple purpose of this website is to curate links to the very best news, views and information that might help us along those pathways.

There are 11 areas we've identified as crucial to the future of humanity, plus there are current affairs sections covering New Zealand politics and the battle against the pandemic.

Some of the content is automatically received from accredited contributor websites while much of it comes from found links in websites we assess to be worthwhile.

Know This is operated as a completely non-profit operation by social enterprise company Flightdec.


Our criteria for linking content and inviting contributors is simple. We welcome a wide range of views because different voices should be heard. But it needs to play a positive role in informing or adding to our understandings. While we take no particular political position, we believe positive progress should benefit the many, rather than just a few, while allowing for people on the fringe or in minority positions. We would also expect that it can contribute to sustainability and life on this planet.

We will therefore be less likely to include links that promote divisiveness without constructive purpose, unwarranted hostility or unsubstantiated facts packaged as conspiracy theories.

Above all, we wish to highlight good writing and investigative journalism that helps celebrate the richness of the world and the possibilities that can come from people openly working together with a generosity of spirit.



Footnote: This website was launched in April 2020, as New Zealand was entering the Covid-19 lockdown. We welcome contributions, ideas and feedback, so please  contact us anytime.






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