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About Know This

In times such as this, reasonable opinion and reliable information is essential.

We live in a world where information, news and views are prolific. It’s spread around a bewildering number of locations and much of it is unreliable or, at best, frivolous and perhaps misleading.

Yet, with so much good content generated in New Zealand and around the world, we think it’s a pity too much of it is submerged in the digital blizzard created by social media and popular search.

Our mission is to help connect those seeking quality information with reputable sources. Our desire, through this, is for the providers of better-quality content to be rewarded with more readers and that viewers get to see much more of it.

This is a shared community space where we hope people can be informed and comforted, especially at this time of global crisis.

The Covid 19 pandemic is still dominating events around the world, while in New Zealand we hope to move beyond the immediate crisis:

  1. During the early stages of Covid-19 we established links to official information websites (national and regional) and have maintained these in Official Information. 

  2. On the home page we are providing links commentary in key topic areas, and to news sources in New Zealand and around the world.

  3. Accredited organisations and people are offering stories and advice through a host of contributor websites that broadcast using Flightdec’s unique online technology.



Footnote: This website is managed by Flightdec and was launched in April 2020, as New Zealand was entering the Covid-19 lockdown. We welcome contributions, ideas and feedback, so please  contact us anytime.




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