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New web portal brings together credible content in a time of crisis



Web development company Flightdec has launched a website that presents useful and relevant content as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold.

Fraser Carson

Know This brings together links to authoritative New Zealand government websites and regional information. The website also provides links to reliable and up-to-date news stories and opinion pieces from New Zealand and around the world. At the same time, other websites post content that is received through an automatic feed using Flightdec’s unique online technology.

Flightdec director Fraser Carson says, “People need to be sure about information in a time of high anxiety. No single official website, or news source, is providing a place for comprehensive content from many diverse places. So, we’re filling a void for people who might be uncertain or simply don’t have time to easily access that mix of content.”

Flightdec’s mission is to help connect people seeking quality and diverse information, with reputable sources. It is expected, through this, that the providers of quality content are rewarded with more followers and that viewers get to see much more of it.

The broad criteria for finding and posting content are that it needs to be from a reputable source, it adds to a healthy mix of content, and is generally useful for discerning readers.

 “In times of crisis, reliable information is essential, but while there’s no shortage of quality content generated in New Zealand and around the world, we think it’s a pity too much of it goes unnoticed in the digital blizzard created by social media and popular search.

“Know This is a shared community space where we hope people can be informed and comforted, especially at this time of global crisis,” Fraser Carson says.

To expand further the sources of content, Flightdec welcomes enquiries from anyone wishing to contribute through a special online posting facility. Organisations or individuals, especially community organisations, NGOs and opinion writers, who wish to contribute items of interest or useful advice, are invited to contact Flightdec.


For more information or media enquiries, please contact:

Fraser Carson


021 669 101



New web portal brings together credible content in a time of crisis

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