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The Week Ending Sunday 26July 2020

Commentary: Owen Brown

Caution could be taken with Reid Research Poll

Shock and horror for Collins and the National Party as today’s Newshub Reid Research Poll has Labour on 60.9 percent up 4.4 points, the highest it's ever been in their polling history.

Correspondingly, National sink to 25.1 percent, down 5.5 points on the last Newshub Reid Research Poll.

Collins response, according to Newshub was that Labour were being arrogant and thought she’d still win in September.

Blogger Martyn Bradbury claimed the thought that “maybe Judith was the kiss of death we thought she would be and it has become the reality.”

At the same time National’s pollster and blogger David Farrar Said “I do not believe this poll is even close to reflecting the actual situation. There is no way there is a 36% gap between the parties.

Either way, this poll is extreme and is not good news for National’s chances at the election, only a few week’s away.

We await the next poll to see if a clear trend is cementing further?


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